{"items": [{"priority": "1", "title": "Advice for the incoming midyears", "summary": "Sydney Derfel Sahasrabudhe ’17 offers do's and don'ts for the newest Brandeisians.", "teaser": "Get Sydney's advice.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/midyears-2017-advice/advice-midyears-2017-978.jpg", "alt": "Sydney Derfel Sahasrabudhe ’17"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/midyears-2017-advice/advice-midyears-2017-82.jpg", "alt": "Advice for the incoming midyear class"}, "color": "#334c8e", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2017/january/dos-donts-midyears.html"},{"priority": "1", "title": "Welcome Midyears!", "summary": "Brandeis is delighted to welcome the Midyear Class of 2020 to campus this weekend!", "teaser": "See Brandeis Events for the full schedule.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/midyear-2017/mid-years-2017.jpg", "alt": "Orientation leaders at midyear move in"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/midyear-2017/mid-years-2017-82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#003479", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/events"},{"priority": "2", "title": "Author Rebecca Walker headlines 'DEIS Impact 2017", "summary": "The annual festival of social justice kicks off Jan. 26; Walker will speak on Jan. 31.", "teaser": "Read more about Walker and 'DEIS Impact.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/deis-impact-keynote-2017/Walker_Rebecca-by-David-Fenton-978.jpg", "alt": "Rebecca Walker; Photo by David Fenton"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/deis-impact-keynote-2017/Walker_Rebecca-by-David-Fenton-82.jpg", "alt": "Author Rebecca Walker headlines 'DEIS Impact 2017"}, "color": "", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/now/2017/january/walker-deis-impact.html"},{"priority": "3", "title": "Fool for thought", "summary": "Performance artist Pat Oleszko's work is on display at the WSRC's Kniznick Gallery through March 3.", "teaser": "Read more about the artist and the exhibition.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/wsrc-pat-oleszko/pat-oleszko-978.jpg", "alt": "Pat Oleszko, Odds at Sea Bahian Odyssey, 2009 performance and film, Sacatar Foundation, Brazil"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/wsrc-pat-oleszko/pat-oleszko-82.jpg", "alt": ""}, "color": "#223a74", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeis.edu/wsrc/arts/current.html"},{"priority": "0", "title": "Coaching staff of the year", "summary": "The entire Brandeis women's soccer coaching staff, led by Denise Dallamora, is honored by the NSCAA.", "teaser": "Read more about the award.", "image": {"src": "/feature/images/denise-dallamora/denise-dallamora-978.jpg", "alt": "Denise Dallamora"}, "thumb": {"src": "/feature/images/denise-dallamora/denise-dallamora-82.jpg", "alt": "Coaching staff of the year"}, "color": "#003479", "target": "_self", "story": "http://www.brandeisjudges.com/sports/wsoc/2016-17/releases/20161220ldrvon"}]}